About Us

Established in 2014, Exponential Ventures Limited is a full-service general contractor experienced in the design, construction/ installation, and maintenance of buildings as well as electrical, mechanical, and Network installations.

Our work is defined by our ability to bring value to projects by offering highly trained technical experienced personnel that constitute our team. We provide labour and related resources to clients in infrastructure development with commitment is to unlock value and performance for improved asset management processes.

Our Approach

When we set out to establish Exponential over 10 years ago, our goal was not to establish just another company. It was to create and maintain a team of experts that will provide an all-around technical and enterprise asset management solutions and help bring people together with right services.

To help achieve our ambition, we work with a number of industry partners and we are able to communicate, provide competitive pricing, and guarantee the product quality of each phase of our contracting process. We are always on the look to identify all kinds of experts in our areas of specialization and help develop long-term relationships with clients, vendors, and suppliers


Satisfying our clients by ensuring them the compliance of products delivered and services provided as well as performance in costs and deadlines • Always be attentive to the needs of our clients and offer them efficient and innovative solutions • Pay attention to changes in standards and comply with applicable requirements • Anticipate and control risks


Placing peoples' safety and preservation of their health at the heart of our concerns, our strategies and our action • Protect the health of everyone person working for the Group • Prevent harm to people and do all that is necessary to prevent the occurrence of any accident or incident • Anticipate and control exposure in the workplace and exercise his or her withdrawal right in case of a non-conform situation


Limiting the impacts of our operations on the environment Reinforce our environmental approach Comply with the evolutions of environment regulations Prevent pollution and accidental situations Pay attention to the Cleanliness, the Tidiness and the Orderliness (PRO) Develop wastes recycling Reduce CO2 emissions Adhere to continuous improvement by promoting good practices

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