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Welcome to Exponential Ventures

As top business performers  continue to make the necessary investments that set themselves apart, 0ur team recognize that their business infrastructure and assets require not only a specialized technical team, but also a sustainable asset management plan to keep everything running. 

Managing such enterprise assets involves a series of a whole life optimal planning of the physical assets to maximize value. It covers such things as the design, construction, commissioning, repair, maintenance and the overall market management strategy. This is precisely what we do.

Engineering and Construction Services

As a client centric business provider, we have made our contracting services not only affordable but also top-notch in our constant endeavors to offer maximum value for the investments.

Through years of managing large projects as contractors in the Oil and Gas sector, multi national agencies and several industrial establishments, we have developed a proactive strategy to prevent problems rather than just waiting for them to happen. Our aggressive plan of action is solve all possible problem right from the design and engineering of any construction.

Building Maintenance and Repairs

Well maintained building facilities and operating assets create an efficient commercial environment. Electrical and water systems sometimes  become a safety hazard  at wrong hours and therefore need a professional team to keep an eye and have them maintained at the right time.

This exactly our legacy at Exponential Ventures Ltd. We view safety as our highest core value and believe all accidents are preventable constant inspection and timely maintenence for installtions.

Real Estate and Property Services

At Exponential, we do understand that not all our clients want to, or have the time to be involved in the business of real estate and property management but we do. We have a dedicated team of experts who manage the Real estate and Property business.

Whether your looking to buy a new home, commercial property or even Rent an apartment, you will simply scan through or property listing. Our technical team is also available to offer the much need property maintenance whether on call or on fixed employment terms.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday , 8am – 6pm

Phone: (+256) 772 601658/706 898178
Email: exponential@venturesuganda.com

Address: 1st Floor Koli House, Ntinda             Opposite Total  Kiwatule Road-Kampala

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